Do you know deep inside that it’s your calling to be creative, but you still get stuck on manifesting that part of your life?

Maybe you’re a writer and you get stuck on the starting (or finishing) part of the writing process?

Or maybe you’re some other type of artist and the thought of putting your work out into the world makes you instantly feel insecure and afraid?

If you feel confused, overwhelmed, or just plain scared about any part of the creative process, then Radical Creativity is the online retreat for you!


We’re going to be learning about:


Using intuitive writing to start (or finish) your memoir

Techniques to conquer feeling creatively paralyzed

Dream work and archetypes

Releasing limiting beliefs and old baggage in your life

Healing through the creative practice of poetry


3 live workshops are featured (via Zoom) on Saturday, Sep 11, and then 3 more on Sunday, Sep 12, with generous breaks in between for a nourishing, restful experience.

All workshops are 90 minutes and will be recorded.

You’ll get lifetime access to all recordings, including the opening and closing ceremonies.

Come join us for a one-of-a-kind online retreat designed specifically for creative, sensitive, intuitive people. We can’t wait to see you there!






The Radical Creativity Retreat runs from September 10th through September 12th.

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